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Proven Quality Assurance

Geotext puts every translation through a QA protocol that includes copy editing, proofreading, and glossary implementation. All of these services, as well as basic formatting and real-time document tracking, are included in our standard rates.

Joseph E. Duncan

Founder and General Manager

Joseph Duncan founded Geotext to meet the highly specialized language needs of global legal professionals.

With a commitment to “quality first,” Joseph has led the company from its 1997 establishment in New York City to the forefront of the translation industry. Geotext is now a thriving global organization, a trusted partner to thousands of legal professionals, and the translation provider for many of the largest legal matters ever undertaken.

Joseph credits the company’s success to steadfast focus.

“Having experienced first-hand the effects that a lack of specialization can have on a major legal translation project, I understood our mission from day one: Geotext would translate for the legal community exclusively, and would do so at the consistently high level that the world’s leading law firms and corporations require.”

Today, he continues to implement his vision by working closely with the company’s global directors to set goals, guide strategy, and promote innovation.

Joseph holds a BA from the University of Southern California and an MFA from Columbia University.

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