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Proven Quality Assurance

Geotext puts every translation through a QA protocol that includes copy editing, proofreading, and glossary implementation. All of these services, as well as basic formatting and real-time document tracking, are included in our standard rates.

Kevin Kraus

Client Service Director

On specialization: “Our exclusive focus on translating for high-stakes litigations and arbitrations allows us to customize solutions that give our clients every possible advantage when preparing their case. I work closely with my clients and my internal team to ensure that we implement the best strategy for each project.”

Kevin joined Geotext in 2010. He serves a portfolio of Global 100 law firms in Washington D.C. and New York, and has directed Geotext’s global service delivery for a number of highly complex arbitrations, litigations, and investigations.

Kevin’s professional background includes sales and consultancy positions in the manufacturing and technology sectors. He holds a BA in Marketing from Bryant University.

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